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Power Steering Problems got you down? Leave it to Jamaica's #1 and only Specialist!


Power Steering Specialty specializes in all your Power Steering problems for virtually any vehicle on the road. Family owned and operated with over 40 years of combined experience, we'll professionally diagnose and repair your Power Steering. We'll even give you a warranty* because we stand behind our work. We offer a full service experience - removal and installation and repairing all your power steering components. Only Power Steering Specialty has a wide range of testing and diagnostic equipment to ensure the components before we reinstall them on your vehicle. Our specialized team of technicians adhere to strict factory procedures to maintain optimal steering performance and your vehicle is road tested before the job is officially complete. We'll even give you a free wash when we're finished!


Don't buy used parts! Age and wear are the main causes of failure, let us professionally repair and replace these parts. The same parts which have failed in your Power Steering will fail again with used, old and worn parts. Avoid future expenses and safety issues!


Don't let Power Steering problems slow you down - bring it to us first.

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