Power Steering Problems


The Power Steering System in your car is made up of several components that can fail after years of use. Some problems may be obvious as soon as they start; others may become apparent too late, forcing you to replace major components. Here at Power Steering Specialty, we will go through the necessary steps to diagnose your steering problems and even detect minor problems that could develop into serious ones.


If you have any of the following issues, it's time to give us a call:


•   Noisy Steering

•   Steering stiff or difficult to turn

•   Constantly adding power steering fluid

•   Fluid dripping under your car

•   Power steering fluid dirty


Power Steering Specialty will inspect and diagnose your car for only $1000, which will be credited back towards your bill if we do the repair work! Inspections are fast and take only about 15 minutes. We'll then give you a quote and advise you on repair times etc.


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